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You know when you see a new spot and you’re like hmmm… I wonder what’s going on over there.  That’s how I felt when I seen Slapfish pop-up on the scene.  I don’t live on the side of town where Slapfish is.  I was just in the area that day, so I noted it in my phone notes under Restaurants to Try.

Do you have a list in your phone of restaurants to try?

The opportunity presented itself for me to go and give Slapfish a whirl.  I ordered the Fried Fish Street Taco and the Fried Shrimp Roll.

As we waited, my husband and I noticed the steady flow of traffic coming in and out.  The restaurant was filled, and people were waiting for to-go orders and I said to my husband this place must be GOOD!  That’s always my first clue.  My second clue is, has the staff tried the things that I’m asking about.  The counter person had everything I asked her about.

Fried Fish Taco

The food was hot, one thing I require of all my food.  The shrimp nor the fish had that weird texture thing going on.  The like Texas toast bread roll the shrimp was nestled in was SO buttery and delightful.  Everything was just incredible. Think of a “souped-up” Long John Silver. Sorry LJS.

Fried Shrimp Roll with Seasoned Fries

They have several locations in various states.  I will certainly visit Slapfish again and have the courage to try their most popular item, the Lobster Roll.  Let me know if you’ve been or if you swing through.

Location visited:
7280 W. Bell Rd.
Glendale, AZ 85308

Website: www.slapfishrestaurant.com/

Slapfish Outdoor Seating
Slapfish Inside Seating
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Dolly Steamboat Cruise

Who loves a great day-trip?  If it has the word trip in it, I’m in and if it’s near or on the water I’m all the way in.

The Dolly Steamboat has been in operation for 32 years, in Canyon Lake, just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.  It was my sister’s birthday, so my mom, sister and I headed out to experience the timeless Dolly Steamboat Cruise.

Do you live near a lake or ocean or is a body of water accessible where you can hop on the highway for a quick day-trip?  If so, I encourage you to find out what types of activities are available to enjoy the serenity that water brings to one’s soul.

Years ago my mom went on the Dolly Steamboat Cruise (Dolly) with a women’s group and told me about it.  Not too much later, my husband and I went on the Dolly for our anniversary.  I’ve also kept the Dolly Steamboat cruise at the top of the list of things to do when anyone asks for non-typical things-to-do.

The ticket pricing is $25, with a $1.50 on-line convenience charge per ticket.  You can show up to the dock without pre-purchasing a ticket, same cost, but with no convenience charges.  The downside to this is you’re not guaranteed a seat on the boat.  All online pre-purchased tickets are checked-in first, then any remaining seating is sold.  If you’re anything like me, I suggest purchasing your ticket on-line to ensure a seat.

Dolly leaves from Canyon Lake, which is about 1 hour and 15 minutes away from my home, so we set out at around 11 a.m. for a 2 p.m. cruise departure (there are two daily cruise times noon and 2 p.m.)  It is recommended that you arrive 20-45 minutes ahead of your scheduled cruise time to get your pass for boarding.  We arrived 30 minutes before the window opened and were assigned the boarding positions, 51-53.

We already had our seats picked out, based on the view from the dock.  We scoped out the top deck, in the sun, on the back of the boat.  Whoever got there first had the task of ensuring we had three seats and table.  Mission accomplished.

The Scenic Nature Cruise is 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Five other cruises are available, including a Twilight Cruise that includes dinner.  On the Scenic Nature Cruise, we spotted several big horn sheep and two bald eagles.

The boat has a cash-only concessions bar (beer, wine, popcorn, candy, etc.).  We bought a couple of candy bars, $1.50 and a large bucket of popcorn, $5.50.  They have free water on-board, but you can bring your own.

The cruise is kid-friendly, and we plan to take our crew out for a little fun in the sun.  Tickets are $15 for children ages 5-12, $6 for children 1-4 and children under 1 are free.

There is ample graveled parking and a restroom on board, but if you’re smart, use the bathroom prior to boarding.

I would take the Dolly Steamboat Cruise time and time again.  Let me know if you go out, or if you search out a boating daytrip in your area.

Location visited:
Dolly Steamboat Cruise
16802 AZ-88, Tortilla Flat, AZ 85117


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Lux Central Coffee Shop

I had a meeting to attend and it was up to me to choose the location, so I chose Lux Central.  The meeting started at 9:30am, and the place was packed.  Line out the door.  I was taken aback by that.  It is just a coffee shop after all, is what I thought.  Naturally, I immediately said this place must be GOOD!

We waited in line about 12 minutes, with a Lux Central staff member walking down the line taking orders.  Since I hadn’t been there before, I needed visuals and some direction.  She allowed us to work our way up to the glass case where the pastries were on display.  I made my order.  Blueberry muffin and the pretty coffee drink in a glass mug.  She asked, a latte?  I said, yes, and what does it take to make it sweet?  She said, caramel.  I said yes, a caramel latte and a blueberry muffin, please.

As we waited in line, we noticed that the seating was limited because everyone in Phoenix was at Lux Central that morning.  There were four of us, so we strategically scoped out where we could squeeze in.  Don’t be opposed to sitting with another person or two, everyone seemed friendly enough and knew this may happen at Lux.  There were many pockets of casually clustered seating all over the building and an outdoor seating area as well.  We luckily discovered a space for four and grabbed it.

I’m all about process and order.  I notice this everywhere I go.  When we ordered in the line, we waited in that same line until you get to the register to pay.  Once you pay, you hang out and wait for your name to be called.  As the drinks came out, they were placed on the counter next to the register where there is constant traffic of payees.  If drinks are not picked up timely, it’s a sea of orders all over the counter while you cautiously and others not so cautiously try to determine which drink is theirs.  This process could be a lot better.  The potential landing area for completed drinks should be relocated to allow for a more seamless process between the payees and the pick-up station, but I’m just a patron.

Lux Central

Anyhow, Lux Central not only has pastries and coffee, they also have a complete breakfast, juice bar and liquor menu.  Everything our group had (coffee, latte, blueberry muffin, croissant, hot chocolate, blueberry loaf) agreed their items were good and it was worth a return for full breakfast and coffee.

Lux Central is great meeting, study, and hang out space in central Phoenix, and I can see why the line is constantly out the door.  The vibe is legit.  I encourage you to visit a local coffee shop in your area and let me know what you ordered.

Live music tucked in the corner (visited on a Sunday).

Location visited:

4402 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Hours: 6AM – 12AM

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The iPic Theater Experience

We were chosen to try-out the iPic Theater in Scottsdale, AZ.  To be honest, I had researched iPic before and thought, whoa!  That activity is NOT in our family of six budget. As the mom who takes the kids to the movies before noon so that we only pay $5 for matinee tickets, I was ecstatic that iPic graciously extended an invitation and we were able to experience the luxuries of iPic.  Click the *link in bio* to check out what makes iPic theaters so luxurious. 

iPic provided us with a 4-admission ticket pack, so we bought pizza for the two “Littles” and dropped them off with grandma and the older boys, my husband and I headed to the theater. Upon arrival we were greeted by management and shown to our seating.  We were given menus and were told; everything is on the house.

My boys looked and asked, really?  Yes, we frequent our theater with the reclining seats, popcorn, snacks and drinks on-hand but this was different.  New plush reclining pod-seating for two.  Blankets, pillows, unlimited popcorn, a full menu + a Keto option, brought right to our seats.  I asked my husband to please check on me to make sure I didn’t fall asleep during the movie, that’s how comfortable the space was.  Let me tell you, we were there for ALL. OF. IT.

Photo Courtesy of iPic Theater

Seating was $27 per person, so $108 for the four of us. 

Here’s what we ordered from the menu:

Fajita Quesadilla $15 (my husband had a steak quesadilla, because he thought you can’t go wrong with steak, cheese and a flour tortilla shell)

Chicken Strips $15 (I had the chicken strips, because I’m simple)

Angus Burger Sliders $17 (both my sons had the sliders, because kids eat burgers)

Truffle Fries $12 (we shared 2 orders)

Drinks $3.50 (3 drinks, I share with my husband because I don’t drink much soda and it was free re-fills)

Toffee Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich $10 x 2 (we shared 2 between the four of us)

We also had popcorn, but remember, the cost is included in the cost of your ticket.

As you can see, the pricing is like real dining. I can say the menu was nicely done.  A little bit for everyone, from lobster rolls, salad bowls, flatbread pizza to Keto steak skewers.  Menu prices are online to view ahead of time, which is a major plus in my book.  All in all, the food was ok.  It lacked overall seasoning of the meats used. My husband ate all his quesadilla, and said he’d get it again.  I hate half of my chicken strips and took the rest home for lunch the following day. The boys didn’t eat all their food and didn’t care to take the rest with them.  We collectively gave the food a 3 ½ out 5 rating.

So, in total, our iPic theater outing was $246.50.  iPic certainly delivered what it set out to do and is worth all of what they provided, which is a luxurious movie going experience.  I’d visit iPic again, for a special occasion but when the whole family is in tow, we’ll stick to the theater up the street.


Location visited:
15257 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254


My Top 8 Podcasts

In last week’s blog post, “Get to Know Me,” I mentioned that I listen to podcasts more than watching television, but what is a podcast?

I thought the same thing when I first saw the term in an online article I was reading.  That article linked to the insanely famous Serial podcast: I began to listen, and I’ve been hooked on podcasts ever since.  They are great for listening on road trips, riding to work, or just washing dishes.

So, a podcast is a digital audio file that you can listen to, like the radio.  Some podcasts are structured as series of the same storyline told over time or can be new episodes with a different story each cycle.  Podcasts are free to listen to or to download via Apple Podcast or Google Podcast.  There are a range of topics: true crime, self-help, business, food, reality show; basically anything you’re interested in, there’s a podcast about it.

Now that’s out the way, let’s move on to the fun stuff. Here are my top 8 podcasts that are in my regular rotation and why.  I also list a few series that are a must listen.

Criminal podcast is about people who’ve committed crimes or have been the victim of a criminal offense.  This podcast finds the most interesting storylines from around the world and interview the actual people involved in the crime, scheme, etc. This aspect makes the storytelling engaging and the host is a natural storyteller.
Recent episode: Ep. 121 – Off Leash

I have no idea how the Ear Hustle podcast got permission to broadcast INSIDE a prison, but the idea is genius.  Ear Hustle shares life stories about the guys who are incarcerated at the California prison, San Quentin.  Initially the podcast was hosted by a visual artist and inmate who had been in prison for 18 years.  Until… his sentence was commuted and now he is hosting the podcast on the outside, along with a new host on the inside.  A perspective on prison life of guys who still have a chance of getting out, while others will never leave the walls of San Quentin alive.  These are stories I’m sure you’ve never heard before.
Recent episode:  Ep. 31 – Inside Music  

Myleik is the creative entrepreneur who owns the company CurlBox.  Curlbox is a successful subscription box, dedicated to natural hair.  I was a subscriber to this box, so naturally I learned that Myleik hosted a podcast, the My Taught You Podcast.  She has said that if she became successful, she’d tell everyone how she did it.  When I say she does just that, she does just that.  She gives you all the tips, details, and the mindset needed. Basically, it‘s a blueprint on how to start and run a successful business.  Just about everyone refers to her as the big sister or cousin who tells it like it is, that you wish you had in your back pocket.  Well, this podcast is as close as it gets.  Be prepared with a pen and a notebook because even if you’re not an entrepreneur, you’ll want to write down all her gem droppers and execute them word-for-word.
Recent Episode: Summer Refresh Your Finances

It’s Oprah!  Need I say more?  Super Soul Conversations are conversations with “thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts.”  Soul conversations allow you to think of the world in a much bigger way.  Not just the life in the bubble I operate in daily, but how life fits into the bigger scheme of everything that life is meant to be.  It’s exactly as it’s titled: conversations with your soul. Recent episode: Bob Igler: The Ride of a Lifetime

Stuff You Should Know (SYSK) is a podcast about things you should know, and a bunch of random things you didn’t think you should know.  I laugh at least once in every episode of SYSK.  If you like to know a little about a lot of things, SYSK is a lite, fun and quirky podcast that will give you some fascinating topics for conversations in any room you’re stuck in.
Recent episode: We Are Running Out of Sand and That Actually Matters

My sister-in-law hipped me to The Casey Crew podcast three years ago when it released its first episode.  She said they reminded her of me and Edward (my husband), been together forever, married young, and have a whole bunch of kids.  If you’re familiar with the morning show, The Breakfast Club, then you’re familiar with one of its hosts, DJ Envy (Raashaun Casey).  He and his wife Gia Casey co-host the podcast, and they discuss the gamut of their lives, marriage, kids, work.  EVERYTHING.  They hold nothing back.  Envy gives his rough and sometimes smooth-around-the-edge’s perspective, and Gia brings the level headedness, let’s-look-at this-from-all-perspectives view to the podcast.
Recent episode:  Ep. 126 – Can You Afford Me

Therapy for Black Girls (TBG) is hosted by a licensed psychologist.  Every week she tackles real-life topics suggested by listeners or topics and themes that are apart of our world every day.  Mental health, personal development, and discussing how to be the best versions of ourselves are TBG’s focus.
Recent episode: Session 118 – Making Friends As An Adult

The Undisclosed team consists of two practicing attorneys and an attorney who is a law professor.   The team investigates wrongful convictions and the U.S. criminal justice system.  Every aspect of the crime is investigated, when law enforcement began the investigation, the trial, the verdict and even through the appeals process.  They turn up facts, evidence, etc. that never made it to court.  I am intrigued by the Undisclosed team because they are potentially giving the wrongfully convicted a voice that might not otherwise be heard.
Recent case: State v. Greg Lance

Podcast Series that are binge worthy:

Atlanta Monster – Tells the story of 25 Atlanta missing and murdered children.  The accused is currently in prison, but is he the actual Atlanta Monster?

Bear Brook – “Two barrels. Four bodies. And the decades-long mystery that led to a serial killer.”  One barrel found and the second barrel found 10 years later. Were they related is the question that keeps you hooked.

In the DarkSeason One, the abduction of Jacob Wetterling.  No answers for 27 years, until.  Season Two, a man named Curtis Flowers has been tried for the SAME crime SIX times.  Say what!?!

Serial – Season One, the Adnan Syed story and Season Three, Inside the Cleveland Juvenile Justice System.  The podcast chose Cleveland because it let them record EVERYWHERE.

Up and Vanished – Season One, the disappearance of Tara Grinstead.


20 Question & Answer-style “Get to Know Me”


It’s been one month since I launched my blog, sharondashariee.com.  I realized I’ve been on social media for quite a few years and I have never spoken on camera, so I’m posting a video for you guys to attach a voice to a face and this fun 20 Question & Answer-style “Get to Know Me.”

1. Where are you from?

I was born in California, but I grew up in Arizona, so I say I’m from Arizona.

2. What is your favorite snack?

Warm chocolate chip cookies with walnuts.  My favorite healthy snack is fruit salad with nectarines, strawberries, grapes, etc. with homemade whipped cream on top. 

3. What is your favorite color?

Black.  My mom says this is not a real favorite color. lol

4. Are you married and do you have kids?

Yes, married for almost 20 years and we have four kids:  3 boys and 1 girl (20, 15, 11, 6).

5. Where are your favorite places to shop for clothing and home décor?

I’m not a fashionista, so I shop for clothing where I can find a deal at that moment.  It must be comfortable first, then cute.  I can usually find something in JCPenney, if not, Rainbow, Burlington, or Ross.

Home shopping is a different story.  My home shopping rotation of stores consists of Hobby Lobby, HomeGoods, Kirkland’s, Ross, and Amazon.  I like to browse Pier1, World Market, and ZGallerie for inspiration.

6. What is one of your favorite smells?  

LOVE the smell of rain and Worcestershire sauce.

7. What is your favorite food?

Depends on my mood, but primarily my 3 Go-tos are Mexican, BBQ, and pizza.  I’m a pizza fanatic.

8. Toilet paper: Over or Under?

Under, of course.

9. What do people think is weird about you?  

I’m sure there are many things, but to name a few, I cannot look at certain things with a certain texture/pattern.  I do not touch whole chickens, turkeys, Cornish game hens, etc.  I also do not eat the flats of party chicken wings, EVER. 

10. What animal do you think would be the most terrifying if it could speak?

I don’t have a dog in the home, but I’m sure if dogs could talk it would be borderline fascinating and terrifying.  They are always around, witnessing everything.

11. What shows do you watch?

I watch mostly any show on HGTV, Travel Channel, or life documentaries pertaining to real crime.  I listen to podcasts far more than I watch television.

I will binge watch shows that my friends and family recommend to me.  Just binge watched all three seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale that was recommended by my mom.

12. What TV show or movie do you refuse to watch?  

Pretty much anything where there’s yelling and fighting, especially if it’s categorized as reality TV.  I do not watch horror movies, and even if I do watch a movie I like, I RARELY watch the same movie twice so I can’t recite movie lines with you.

13. Do you have pets?

No.  The proper care of a pet is a lot of work.  My kids have brought several negotiation talks to the table, but none have been accepted.

14. What’s something you’ve been meaning to try but just haven’t gotten around to?  

Parasailing is at the very top of my bucketlist.

15. What is the most annoying question that people ask you?  

Is my hair real.  I’m sure my fellow naturalistas can relate, especially when you straighten your natural hair.

16. What was the best book or series that you’ve ever read?  

Best non-fiction, The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle
Best fiction, the book series, The Syndicate, by Brick & Storm

17. Where do you usually go when you when you have time off?  

Any city that is close to the ocean or any body of water.

18. What amazing thing have you done in your life?  

Given birth to children.  Second most amazing, given birth to children with no pain medicine or epidural.

19. When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

Finding something, someone, or my perspective on certain situations.

20. What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives? 

We love cruising. Go on a cruise.  Some people love them, some people hate them.  You should go at least once to determine which group you’re in.  It’s a cost-effective way to see more than one place in one trip.

Your turn: 

Pick one of the questions from the list,
answer below or over on Instagram, so I can get to know you!


Mielle’s Pomegranate & Honey Face Mask

The Mielle face mask has been sitting on my vanity for a long time, but honestly, I haven’t stopped long enough to even think about applying a mask, let alone remembering to wash it off if I did apply it.  Well, my daughter wandered into my room and asked if we could do a mask together, so I said yes. Have you seen the pouches with the face mask sheets in them? I normally buy her those so that she can apply them by herself and they don’t need rinsing afterwards

Before the Mask is Applied

So, this took a little more time, because of the mask being in a jar, needing rinsing afterward and my mask partner being my 6-year-old.  She got the necessary tools: wash cloths to dry our faces, hair ties to tie our hair back and the mask. We went into the bathroom and started to apply the mask.  It was cold to the touch, which felt good. Nice and creamy. The consistency was smooth, and not too thick. She applied it easily on her own. The directions said to leave it on for 5-7 minutes.  In that time, we did a practice spelling test that filled our waiting time.

While the Mask Is On

We headed back to the bathroom and rinsed the mask off.  My daughter went first. As she rinsed the mask off, she said she could feel it coming off easily.  She needed a little help to get the left-over residue off the sides of her face. I then rinsed mine off. I could tell what she meant that the mask rinsed off easy.  It didn’t peel off but slid off. She coached me as to where I had leftover mask on the sides of my face as well.

After the Mask has been removed

Her final review was, the mask made her face feel clean but not soft like her other masks that come in the pouches.  She wished her face felt “clean and soft together.”

I thought the mask did the job in making our faces clean and more hydrated.  I liked the clean feeling over softness. I also liked the ease of getting it off. I now know I can apply it quickly and rinse it off with no problems.

We both agreed we’d use the mask again until the jar is gone.  The 3.5 oz. jar retails for $19.99. For us, we can get about 10 masks each out of each jar. You can find the mask here, http://www.mielleorganics.com

Home DIY

$10 Blanket Ladder

Have you guys seen these ladders that you hang blankets on?  They are a cute way to store your blankets and have them close-by when you want to snuggle up on the sofa and watch T.V.  Well, I wanted one, so I hopped on the internet to buy one but there were no blanket ladders less than $50.  That weekend I headed out to a few stores to buy one, cause certainly a retailer had to have these things for less. I spotted a cute one, I slowly approached and flipped the tag over, $125.  I said to myself, oh wow!  Blanket ladders are serious business. I guess I must make my own.  Click the *link in bio* to see how I created a blanket ladder for $10.

Back on my sofa, I open the app called Offer UpOffer Up is an app. where you can buy and sell items locally.  It’s basically an online yard sale.  It has an added feature where you can have an item shipped to you if it is not local.  I searched ladders within a 10-mile radius.  Just a regular, used, wooden ladder.  I found this one, listed for $15.  I asked my husband if he’d go with me to pick the ladder up (don’t ever go by yourself to pick these items up, stranger danger).  He agrees, even though he sees no purpose for a blanket ladder.  Just get a blanket from the linen closet when you’d like to have one, is how he sees it.

Anyhow, as I mentioned this system is like a yard sale, so my husband offers the seller $10 instead of $15 and the seller accepts.  You can also negotiate the price of the item prior to pick-up.  We get home and I start to break the ladder down because you only need one side for this project.  I wasn’t strong enough to tear the hardware away from the sides that held it together, so my husband assisted.  He used three tools, a drill, pliers and a hammer.  After he had the two sides separated, I removed the excess bolts, screws and metal straps.  Recycled the wood and metal from the other half that I wasn’t going to use.

I got a can of white spray paint, specifically for wood, that I bought at Home Depot but didn’t use.  My daughter (she never lets me leave her out when I’m DIYing) and I went outside, hand-sanded the ladder with a sheet of sandpaper torn in half, and then dusted it off with a cloth.  Laid the ladder down on a drop cloth and sprayed one side.  We let it dry for about an hour, turned it over and sprayed the other side.  Let it dry for another hour.  It was done.

The next day I purchased two blankets to match the space and hung them on the ladder.  I love that I completed this for only $10 and a few hours time.  Now, the blankets are on the floor or in-use more than they are on the ladder.  Why? Because I have kids, but hey at least they are putting the blankets to use is what I tell myself.


True Rest Float Spa

2430 S. Gilbert, Suite #8
Chandler, AZ 85286

I’d been eyeing the float spas for quite some time. I saw a Groupon for a session, so I called True Rest to ask a few questions.  I wanted to know how a person automatically floats in these pods.  Is it something I need to concentrate on, and if so, then how is this called relaxing?

With all my questions, I gave the spa a call.  The spa representative was informative and helped me decide to give it a try.  I purchased the Groupon and made an appointment. Click the *link in bio* to see how it went and how I was thoroughly surprised by a treat they had for us natural hair ladies.

When my friend and I arrived, we were checked in, filled out paperwork, and given slippers.  We changed and watched a 10-minute video intro to floating called, The Science of Feeling Great.  Once that was complete, we traveled down salt lamp filled hallways, while soft music played.

We were each assigned a room, where there was a pod and shower.  The spa representative gave instruction on how to operate the shower, the pod, and where to meet once our time ended.  The pod colors can be kept at the standard blue color or can change through a rotation of soft lighting.  For people who may be claustrophobic, you can leave the pod lid open.  I closed mine.

DO NOT schedule a float spa session if you have shaved recently or have an open cut.  Also, do not touch your face while in the pod.  The pod holds 1,000 pounds of a salt mixture, and you will experience discomfort.  The representatives do a good job of making sure you are aware of all this prior to entry.

My float experience was 60 minutes and very relaxing.  It takes some effort to remain still, and genuinely let yourself relax, being mindful of the experience that’s happening at that moment.  I was blown away by how the salt-to-water ratio makes your body automatically float. No concentration needed.  You drift around in the pod gently back and forth while the music plays.  You can float in the nude, with a bathing suit on, or any combination of shorts and a top.  I choose shorts and a sports bra.  Once out, I noticed my body was relaxed and not as tense.  If you’ve ever taken an Epsom salt bath, it’s just like that but on steroids.  It’s recommended that you do a few sessions for long-term benefits.

I undressed, rinsed the salt off my body in the shower, used the conditioner to detangle my hair (it was in a bun) to get all the saltwater out.  I put on my dry clothes and met my friend in the bathroom where I was surprised to find it fully stocked with the beloved, Carol’s Daughter natural hair products.  I was impressed to find a natural haircare line as one of the product lines of choice.  I sprayed a generous amount of leave-in conditioner into my hair and we were given drinking water.  There was a soft sale at the end to become a member, and then your pod session costs are reduced.

All in all, the experience was amazing.  It was something different and fun.  The Groupon was $45, and Groupon was running 20% off local deals, so end price was $36.  Regular price for a 60-minute float is $79; $59 for your first float.

If you have a True Rest Float Spa or any float spa nearby, give it a try.  You can also check out the spa’s FAQs here: https://www.truerest.com/float-therapy/faq/

Location visited:
2430 S. Gilbert, Suite #8
Chandler, AZ 85286

Food Opinion

Charlie Mae’s Soul Food

If you’ve ever lived in a community where there use to not be much around, but is growing rapidly, you know it can be hard pressed to find good dine-in food.  Drive-thru restaurants seem to pop up with no problem so when you see a sign go up in your neighborhood, Charlie Mae’s Soul Food, Now Open the radar immediately goes up.  Being in a thriving community with houses going up everywhere, businesses are doing their best to keep up with the demand of the people simply wanting good food.  We went to Charlie Mae’s to see if it was going to survive in the area, by our standards.

When we arrived, we waited about 5 minutes to be seated.  The restaurant is small, seating about 25-30 people.  We were surprised to find they had a full menu, that can be found here https://charliemaesoulfood.com/.

Edward and I share most of our meals, at new places especially, because you never know if it’s going to be worth it or not.  Better to sacrifice one plate than two.  We ordered the 3 pc. fried chicken meal, that came with two sides and corn bread.  For all my sweet corn bread loving folks out there, the corn bread is sweet ya’ll.  We chose macaroni & cheese and collard greens as sides.  We waited about 20 minutes for our food, and that could have been slightly shorter, if they didn’t pack our meal to go because they thought our order was a pick-up order.  However, they quickly corrected the problem and brought our meal to the table.

The chicken was fried nice and crispy and seasoned well.  The macaroni and cheese were good but could have been cheesier because I like cheese.  I don’t eat greens, but Edward said they were flavorful.  I did taste them, because Edward makes them look so good with hot sauce and corn bread.  I could eat them, but I prefer not to.  We attempted to get peach cobbler, but they were sold out.

We always live by this when reading reviews about any place, take the review as a starting point and go from there.  Yes, Charlie Mae’s Soul Food is worth a visit!  You will not be disappointed if you get the fried chicken.  Let me know if you visit, what you ordered and what you thought.

Location visited:

6115 S. 51st Avenue, #204
Laveen, AZ 85339
Call for hours: 602-675-0865