Children’s Museum of Phoenix

My daughter is always game without question, so I ran the idea of checking out the Children’s Museum of Phoenix by my 11-year-old son and when he heard the word “museum” he said, Muuuseeeummmmmm!? Where there are statues and pictures hanging on the wall every where and we walk around and just look at them, he asks? I assured him it wasn’t that type of museum.

I knew he may me on the cusp of being too old to really enjoy the museum, but I thought what better way to gauge the proper age group for this outing than to get his opinion.

I gathered my two youngest kids, my sister, nieces, nephew, my best friend, her daughter and our Groupon and arrived at the museum in the early afternoon.

Admission to the museum was $14.95, but the Groupon allowed 2-person admission for the cost of $14.95 (1-year and under are free).

When we first walked in, to the left was an enormous jungle gym and the kids took off running.  The climbed all over the jungle gym and played at the nearby air-shoot. 

In the same area they had soft toys and blocks for the toddler-aged kids to explore.  My nephew was immediately drawn to this area.

They would have stayed in this area the entire time, but I set the timer and told them we had about 15 minutes remaining after being the area for about 20-minutes.

Next, we headed upstairs to the tricycle car wash area and the kids rode the bikes around the area for about 15-minutes.  There were several other exploratory activities along the way.

Headed up to the third and final level of the museum and the kids played on the rockers and nearly got kicked out of the foam maze for running.

The younger kids of the group found the play supermarket and kitchen entertaining and stayed in there while the older kids made friends and played walk tag in the foam maze.

Lastly, we spent time time in the gift shop checking out all the fun toys that were available.

We spent about two hours in the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.  As the parents, we felt that was an adequate of amount of time.

Click below to hear the kids give their review of the museum and if they’d go back again.

The kids sharing their favorite part of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Groupon frequently has the Children’s Museum of Phoenix deal going on, but if not, the $14.95 per person cost is still worth a kid-outing for the day.

Check your local area to see if there is a children’s museum in your area.  Don’t forget to check for discounts.  Parents, you’ll love the discounts and the kids will love the museum outing.

Location visited:

Children’s Museum of Phoenix
215 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034

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