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My Favorite Perfumes That Last All Day

My favorite perfumes that last all day are Marc Jacobs and Versace perfume.

I am not a huge perfume wearer, more of a body spray type of gal but you can barely resist when you walk into a department store and the choices are plentiful.  Let us not talk about all the samples you leave with if you peruse all the cosmetic counters.

I set out on a quest to try all the samples I gathered and find my favorite perfumes that last all day, because it is nice to smell nice. And when you dish out the money that a bottle of perfume costs, you certainly want it to last all day. Plus, when I spritz my absolute favorite, Marc Jacobs Daisy Love- Eau So Sweet, my husband cannot stop saying how amazing I smell.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love-Eau So Sweet

This is the thing with Marc Jacobs perfumes, they all smell the same to me, with each one having just a slight twist. 

My favorite, Marc Jacob Daisy Love-Eau So Sweet is sweet, subtle, pretty and pleasant. You can certainly wear it as an everyday perfume.

My next favorite perfume is Versace’s Bright Crystal. This is my, “we are going out perfume.”  It is also sweet, with a bit of “turn-up”, if you will. You are definitely “in the streets” being a grown-up when you wear this one.

Versace Bright Crystal

My next favorite perfume, and the newest to my and Marc Jacob’s Daisy Love perfume collection is, Marc Jacobs Daisy Love-Daze. 

I read many reviews before making this last additional purchase, because I had no sample and one reviewer expressed, Daze smells just like the others but different.

When I received the bottle in the mail and tested it, I knew exactly what the reviewer intended to convey. Daze, indeed, smells like all the rest, so sweet but with a slight musk or woodsy note. This is one you wear when you feel like wearing it, if you know what I mean.

Marc Jacobs Daisy-Eau So Fresh Daze

So, in the department stores a bottle of designer perfume will easily run you $100+, if you are aiming for the big bottles.

In my research, Amazon has the exact same perfumes bottles for 25-50% less.  Be sure to purchase directly from the designer as oppose to a seller to avoid knockoffs.

If you would like to check out my favorite perfumes on Amazon, click the following links:

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love-So Sweet:

Versace Bright Crystal:

March Jacobs Daisy-Eau So Fresh Daze isn’t available on Amazon just yet, but you can find it at or

Perfume Application Tip: If you apply a moisturizer, such as lotion, prior to spraying perfume you give the perfume something to attach to. It lets allows the perfume to last even longer.

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Easy-Build Raised Garden Bed

There are many ways you can build garden raised beds, including just buying them.  They can get pricey, especially now, as more people are gardening because they are at home more.

This easy build raised garden bed consists of one trip to your local home improvement store and these 4 items.  I will list pricing at the end:

-Planter wall blocks

First step is to pick and measure your space.  This will help you in determining how long you need your 2×4’s and if you will need to make cuts at the store while you are there. Believe me, do not skip the measuring.  It will save you a trip.  Most local improvement stores will cut your wood for you, to your desired measurements, within reason.

My friend (Jazmine) and I did a collaboration and built a raised bed at her home and one at my home.  You can certainly build the raised bed by yourself, but with an additional person you will go faster and will have help lifting.  You will see two sizes for our respective spaces. 

Jazmine’s raised bed measures 2.5 feet by 8 feet.  My raised bed measures 4 feet by 8 feet.

Next, you will put your wall blocks in four corners.  You can stack the wall blocks to your desired height, we used a 2-block height, so 8 blocks total.

Slide the 2×4’s into place, add the soil, and plant the seed.  That is it. 

You will notice that Jazmine’s garden bed doesn’t have string across to create squares, and mine does. We are having fun with this thing, and learning our styles. I love that we are different in our approach.

Easy Build Raised Garden Bed with Square Foot Gardening Method

Jazmine likes to let the plants grow wild, and do what they do. I, on the other hand, want to control the plant as much as possible so I use the square foot method. This literally describes our personalities. I love that we have different methods, we compare what works and what does not work.

You can decide, as you go, how your personal gardening style will be. Check out the video below of one of Jazmine’s garden spaces. She’s already harvested a few times this year, and more are growing.

Jazmine’s Garden

I attended a class at Home Depot, some time ago and learned how to build this easy-build raised bed, and took a few photos at the demonstration. I want to also show you below how you can continually build onto your space by connecting 2×4’s up and along the sides.

Happy Gardening!

Project Pricing:

-Planter wall blocks ($3.38 each, we used 8)
-*2×4’s ($3.42 each, we used 6)
-Soil ($7.98 each bag, Jazmine used 4 bags. *I used 6 bags.)
-Seed (prices vary depending on what type of seed you choose, typically ($1.59-$6.00 per packet)

Project build time, from start to finish, one hour. Project cost, $79.48.

*(2×4’s measures by height and depth, the last number will be your length, so a 2×4 that is 8 feet long, is a 2x4x8)

*My raised bed incurred more cost, because of a space issue I had that required additional soil beyond 6 bags.

*All pricing is based on my local improvement store.  Prices will vary for your location.  Prices also do not include tax.

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Best Chicken Wings in Phoenix

We are always on the hunt for the best chicken wing, because there is always a best to be found, right?

I noticed someone posted a question in a group I follow, and she said… “I’m new to the Phoenix area.  Where can I find the best chicken wings?”  I almost did not scroll through the comments, but because I am who I am I had to, even though I felt confident with the wing choices in my area.

I see the usual places repeatedly, but as I kept scrolling through the comments, I kept seeing Valley Wings.

“Valley Wings has the best wings and sauce.” 

“Valley Wings is always fresh.” 

“Definitely try Valley Wings.”

Valley Wings (Buffalo and Honey Hot Flavors)

I leave the comments and add Valley Wings to my phone’s notepad page, “Restaurants to Try.”

Chicken Alfredo Fries

My husband literally says the next day, “I want some wings.” I said, “all these people kept saying Valley Wings is the best.”  He was skeptical, so we had to check them out.

We ordered from the car.  Waited the 15 minutes they said it would take to complete our 20-wing order of 10 Honey Hot, 10 Buffalo and Chicken Alfredo Fries.

My husband went inside to pick-up our order.  We were going to drive home and eat, but we peeked into the box and mad the quick decision to eat in the car.

We debated Valley Wings against all our previous favorites, and my husband is staying true to his, but he says Valley Wings is a top contender.  I am all in with Valley Wings, they are THAT good!

Location visited:

Valley Wings
15414 N. 19th Avenue, C
Phoenix, AZ 85023


Yeouth Retinol 2.5% Serum

Yeouth Retinol Serum

I shared that I get sun spots on my face, especially in my T-Zone so I’ve been using Yeouth Skincare Retinol Serum to help tame or rid these spots.

So far, it has worked wonders! I was a little concerned since I have sensitive skin, but Yeouth Skincare Serum has aloe vera to help soothe so I haven’t had the slightest irritation.⁣⁣

In addition to helping with sun spots, Yeouth also helps with wrinkles, brightening and firmer skin.⁣⁣ I am interested in testing out the moisturizing cream as well.

I’ll let you guys know how I like it.⁣⁣ If you don’t have a hyaluronic retinol serum in your skin
care routine, check out Yeouth Skincare! 

Can be purchased on or from their website

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Semi-Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree

Semi-Dwarf Lemon Tree (Meyer Variety)

We planted a lemon tree.  It is a semi-dwarf Meyer lemon tree.  It can grow up to 6ft, but no more than 8ft.  I planted it in a beautiful piece of pottery we purchased from the Plant Stand to contain its size.

I had been to the Plant Stand and walked around taking in all of what they have, and they have A LOT.  Real and artificial plants and trees.  Indoor and outdoor plants.  Small, medium and large pottery.  I took my husband back because he would like to grow new trees in the backyard, and I told him the Plant Stand may be his source.

The Plant Stand of Arizona
Falling Green 20″ Potter

I went online as well and browsed around.  I decided to go back to get a planter for my new lemon tree.  It was hard to decide because there are so many great choices, but I fell in love with this planter.  I paid $83 and they will cure the pot for 20% of the cost, which was about $16 for the protection against the continuous watering and ailments.

The Plant Stand has many selections of pottery fitting any style. Here is another snippet of what they have to offer indoors.

When I do anything, I research all there is to know about it, or at least I try.  My Google search, “what soil should a beginner gardener use for food gardening?”  This soil came up many times, on many lists so I decided on this one.  It was $7.47 per bag at Home Depot.  I purchased 2 bags, but I only needed one and little bit.

Miracle Grow-Cactus, Palm & Citrus Soil

I took my Meyer lemon tree out of the original container, along with its native soil and combined it with the Miracle Grow-Cactus, Palm and Citrus soil.  We purchased the lemon tree from Lowe’s Home Improvement store for $30.  Next, we watered the soil and placed the tree in the space  that will be its home for now.

Have you grown citrus before?  How many fruits does your tree produce yearly?


Location Visited:

The Plant Stand of Arizona
6420 S. 28th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85042


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Building a Raised Garden Bed

Let the growing games begin!

This has been a thought in my mind for a few years.  After taking in gardening content for the purposes of growing food, attending classes, and stalking the amazing gardeners of Instagram, I am finally jumping out there with what I know to see what happens.

I ordered this raised garden bed on Amazon.  It was super easy to put together.  If I can harvest just one thing that is edible, I will be a happy woman.

As mentioned, I purchased this garden bed from Amazon.  This raised bed is not available directly through Amazon anymore, but there are a ton of options to choose from.

The pieces were packaged nice and secure.  Every piece was cut precisely, to allow the groves to slide into place.  There are no tools required to build the actual box.  You will only need a screwdriver to screw in the screws that attach to the decorative pieces on each corner of the raised bed.  I used a battery pack drill to do this, easy, but you can use a hand screwdriver with a little elbow grease.

The total build time took 22 minutes, from start to finish.  I built it alone, in my dining room.  No help is required.

This bed seems to be a great product and it gathers great reviews.  I paid $99.  The current cost of this specific raised bed at the time of this post is, $109.

This is where you can order the garden bed directly:

Added bonus: Free shipping, no minimum.

Do you have a home garden?  If so, what are you currently growing?  If not, what would you like to see me grow in my garden?

I hope you follow me along this journey.

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Bruster’s Real Ice-Cream

You can never fail with a trip to the ice cream shop! Well, if they’re lactose intolerant, you can but Bruster’s Fresh even has non-dairy treats like Freezes.⁣

Even when it’s raining, like it is in Phoenix today, eat ice-cream and talk about how cold you are. Who does that? I do.

Bruster’s Real Ice-Cream in the Arrowhead area is a quick and easy ice cream stand with walk-up ordering and benches for outdoor seating. You know what I say, everything tastes better when you eat it outside. You can even grab your ice cream to-go thru the drive-thru, if you’re on the go.

Bruster’s Real Ice-Cream

Rich, creamy and lots of flavors to choose from! They even let you sample if you can’t decide what you should go with.⁣

Grab your kiddos and even your fur babies. Free ice cream to children under 40” and doggie sundaes for your non-human friends.

What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor. Here I have Rocky Road on the bottom and Cookies ‘N Cream on the top. (Sugar-free options are also available.)⁣

FUN FACT: I DO NOT eat chocolate ice-cream, but I eat Rocky Road.

Location visited:
17115 N 51st Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85308


VIP Airsoft Arena

Loading the magazine.

One of my sons hates pain, he plays defense in tackle football so he can hit and not get hit so he wasn’t that excited about trying out the @VIPAirSoft arena when he realized he’d be getting hit by airsoft pellets.  I instructed him and my other son on how to dress so the possibility of feeling the airsoft pellets hit them would be minimal.

They were dressed in two layers on the top and bottom.  Hoodies to protect their neck and head, in addition to their rental helmets and chest vests.  Gloves are also an added barrier (you must bring your own) that most didn’t have on, but my boys said they were clutch. 

I registered them online and signed a waiver, so the process was short and simple once we arrived.  The referees take time to explain the rules of the arena to ensure safety while the front of the house staff explained how to use the airsoft rifles properly.  They were all set.

My boys had a 4-hour session that included gear, 1000 pellets, and a rental rifle.  The boys spent an hour in the arena, which equated to two arena games and they were ready to go.  As my husband and I watched we thought it be a great date-night activity even for the adults. Give @VIPAirSoft a visit for kid and adult outings.  The boys said their experience was cool, but they’d prefer if one thing was added.

Airsoft rifles, magazines, and airsoft pellets.

My kids love their cousins.  They said next time they’d want all their cousins to join in on the fun to make the arena teams more competitive.  They both agreed the team vs. team would have been better if you know the people who you are fighting with and against because there would be more talking i.e. trash talking, strategy and the overall experience would be more personal.

Consider going with a squad for a more personable experience!

VIP Airsoft Arena have two locations:

3841 E. Baseline Rd., #K-133
Gilbert, AZ 85234

10870 N. 32nd St.
Phoenix, AZ 85028



Children’s Museum of Phoenix

My daughter is always game without question, so I ran the idea of checking out the Children’s Museum of Phoenix by my 11-year-old son and when he heard the word “museum” he said, Muuuseeeummmmmm!? Where there are statues and pictures hanging on the wall every where and we walk around and just look at them, he asks? I assured him it wasn’t that type of museum.

I knew he may me on the cusp of being too old to really enjoy the museum, but I thought what better way to gauge the proper age group for this outing than to get his opinion.

I gathered my two youngest kids, my sister, nieces, nephew, my best friend, her daughter and our Groupon and arrived at the museum in the early afternoon.

Admission to the museum was $14.95, but the Groupon allowed 2-person admission for the cost of $14.95 (1-year and under are free).

When we first walked in, to the left was an enormous jungle gym and the kids took off running.  The climbed all over the jungle gym and played at the nearby air-shoot. 

In the same area they had soft toys and blocks for the toddler-aged kids to explore.  My nephew was immediately drawn to this area.

They would have stayed in this area the entire time, but I set the timer and told them we had about 15 minutes remaining after being the area for about 20-minutes.

Next, we headed upstairs to the tricycle car wash area and the kids rode the bikes around the area for about 15-minutes.  There were several other exploratory activities along the way.

Headed up to the third and final level of the museum and the kids played on the rockers and nearly got kicked out of the foam maze for running.

The younger kids of the group found the play supermarket and kitchen entertaining and stayed in there while the older kids made friends and played walk tag in the foam maze.

Lastly, we spent time time in the gift shop checking out all the fun toys that were available.

We spent about two hours in the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.  As the parents, we felt that was an adequate of amount of time.

Click below to hear the kids give their review of the museum and if they’d go back again.

The kids sharing their favorite part of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Groupon frequently has the Children’s Museum of Phoenix deal going on, but if not, the $14.95 per person cost is still worth a kid-outing for the day.

Check your local area to see if there is a children’s museum in your area.  Don’t forget to check for discounts.  Parents, you’ll love the discounts and the kids will love the museum outing.

Location visited:

Children’s Museum of Phoenix
215 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034


Keto Sandwich

I have made a few things, and thought to myself, this is Keto.  Wow!

That’s how I feel about this sandwich.  It’s SO delicious.

Outer Aisle Gourmet

Have you heard of Outer Aisle Gourmet Cauliflower Thins?  I hadn’t either until I was on the hunt to find a bread substitute that was “Keto Approved.”

I didn’t think I’d find something pre-packaged, that would make my Keto journey easier, so I first looked for bread recipes, but lo and behold, plant-based bread to the rescue.

The Outer Aisle thins have 1g net carbs per thin, 1 serving of vegetables.

We have made all kinds of sandwiches.  Pastrami and turkey.  Just pastrami.  We’ve even sandwiched a hamburger in between them.

Hamburger with Cauliflower Thins

This sandwich has mayo, provolone cheese pastrami, and a fried egg.  The trick to taking Outer Aisle’s Sandwich Thins to the next level, is toasting the bread prior to assembling your sandwich.  Just for a few minutes.

Fried Egg and Pastrami Sandwich with Cauliflower Thins

Outer Aisle has a product tracker on their website, to make them easier to find.

I’ve picked them up at Natural Grocers.  You can also find them at Whole Foods and AJ’s Fine Foods.  They are about $6.99 for 6 thins.

The thins are available in original, Italian, and jalapeno flavors.  Outer Aisle also makes pizza style crust, which I must try.