Dining Out


We live in Phoenix, Arizona, where summer temperatures reach into the 110+, so ice-cream is basically a food group.  We treated the kids to Slickables, and they loved them.

We each chose two cookies to wedge our favorite ice-cream flavor in between.  Each ice-cream sandwich was only

 $2.50.  You also have the choice of choosing a brownie to make your ice-cream sandwich, but we all stuck to cookies.


At chain ice-cream parlors, with a family of 6, we can easily run up a bill of $40 with add-ins and the such.  At Slickables, our bill was $12.50 plus tax and we were in summer cool bliss, until we stepped back outside.

Slickables is located on busy Mill Avenue, in the heart of Tempe, so parking may be a doozy.  There’s metered parking, so bring change (in most cases you can now use your debit card) but you can also park in a nearby garage for a small fee and walk a short distance.

Once in the Slickables, there are just a few tables to sit,  but if you’re not lucky enough to snag one, you can stroll down Mill Avenue and window shop while you finish up your cream.

Location visited: 699 S. Mill Avenue, #117, Tempe, AZ 85281

Hours: 11am-midnight daily

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