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$10 Blanket Ladder

Have you guys seen these ladders that you hang blankets on?  They are a cute way to store your blankets and have them close-by when you want to snuggle up on the sofa and watch T.V.  Well, I wanted one, so I hopped on the internet to buy one but there were no blanket ladders less than $50.  That weekend I headed out to a few stores to buy one, cause certainly a retailer had to have these things for less. I spotted a cute one, I slowly approached and flipped the tag over, $125.  I said to myself, oh wow!  Blanket ladders are serious business. I guess I must make my own.  Click the *link in bio* to see how I created a blanket ladder for $10.

Back on my sofa, I open the app called Offer UpOffer Up is an app. where you can buy and sell items locally.  It’s basically an online yard sale.  It has an added feature where you can have an item shipped to you if it is not local.  I searched ladders within a 10-mile radius.  Just a regular, used, wooden ladder.  I found this one, listed for $15.  I asked my husband if he’d go with me to pick the ladder up (don’t ever go by yourself to pick these items up, stranger danger).  He agrees, even though he sees no purpose for a blanket ladder.  Just get a blanket from the linen closet when you’d like to have one, is how he sees it.

Anyhow, as I mentioned this system is like a yard sale, so my husband offers the seller $10 instead of $15 and the seller accepts.  You can also negotiate the price of the item prior to pick-up.  We get home and I start to break the ladder down because you only need one side for this project.  I wasn’t strong enough to tear the hardware away from the sides that held it together, so my husband assisted.  He used three tools, a drill, pliers and a hammer.  After he had the two sides separated, I removed the excess bolts, screws and metal straps.  Recycled the wood and metal from the other half that I wasn’t going to use.

I got a can of white spray paint, specifically for wood, that I bought at Home Depot but didn’t use.  My daughter (she never lets me leave her out when I’m DIYing) and I went outside, hand-sanded the ladder with a sheet of sandpaper torn in half, and then dusted it off with a cloth.  Laid the ladder down on a drop cloth and sprayed one side.  We let it dry for about an hour, turned it over and sprayed the other side.  Let it dry for another hour.  It was done.

The next day I purchased two blankets to match the space and hung them on the ladder.  I love that I completed this for only $10 and a few hours time.  Now, the blankets are on the floor or in-use more than they are on the ladder.  Why? Because I have kids, but hey at least they are putting the blankets to use is what I tell myself.

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