VIP Airsoft Arena

Loading the magazine.

One of my sons hates pain, he plays defense in tackle football so he can hit and not get hit so he wasn’t that excited about trying out the @VIPAirSoft arena when he realized he’d be getting hit by airsoft pellets.  I instructed him and my other son on how to dress so the possibility of feeling the airsoft pellets hit them would be minimal.

They were dressed in two layers on the top and bottom.  Hoodies to protect their neck and head, in addition to their rental helmets and chest vests.  Gloves are also an added barrier (you must bring your own) that most didn’t have on, but my boys said they were clutch. 

I registered them online and signed a waiver, so the process was short and simple once we arrived.  The referees take time to explain the rules of the arena to ensure safety while the front of the house staff explained how to use the airsoft rifles properly.  They were all set.

My boys had a 4-hour session that included gear, 1000 pellets, and a rental rifle.  The boys spent an hour in the arena, which equated to two arena games and they were ready to go.  As my husband and I watched we thought it be a great date-night activity even for the adults. Give @VIPAirSoft a visit for kid and adult outings.  The boys said their experience was cool, but they’d prefer if one thing was added.

Airsoft rifles, magazines, and airsoft pellets.

My kids love their cousins.  They said next time they’d want all their cousins to join in on the fun to make the arena teams more competitive.  They both agreed the team vs. team would have been better if you know the people who you are fighting with and against because there would be more talking i.e. trash talking, strategy and the overall experience would be more personal.

Consider going with a squad for a more personable experience!

VIP Airsoft Arena have two locations:

3841 E. Baseline Rd., #K-133
Gilbert, AZ 85234

10870 N. 32nd St.
Phoenix, AZ 85028


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