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Best Chicken Wings in Phoenix

We are always on the hunt for the best chicken wing, because there is always a best to be found, right?

I noticed someone posted a question in a group I follow, and she said… “I’m new to the Phoenix area.  Where can I find the best chicken wings?”  I almost did not scroll through the comments, but because I am who I am I had to, even though I felt confident with the wing choices in my area.

I see the usual places repeatedly, but as I kept scrolling through the comments, I kept seeing Valley Wings.

“Valley Wings has the best wings and sauce.” 

“Valley Wings is always fresh.” 

“Definitely try Valley Wings.”

Valley Wings (Buffalo and Honey Hot Flavors)

I leave the comments and add Valley Wings to my phone’s notepad page, “Restaurants to Try.”

Chicken Alfredo Fries

My husband literally says the next day, “I want some wings.” I said, “all these people kept saying Valley Wings is the best.”  He was skeptical, so we had to check them out.

We ordered from the car.  Waited the 15 minutes they said it would take to complete our 20-wing order of 10 Honey Hot, 10 Buffalo and Chicken Alfredo Fries.

My husband went inside to pick-up our order.  We were going to drive home and eat, but we peeked into the box and mad the quick decision to eat in the car.

We debated Valley Wings against all our previous favorites, and my husband is staying true to his, but he says Valley Wings is a top contender.  I am all in with Valley Wings, they are THAT good!

Location visited:

Valley Wings
15414 N. 19th Avenue, C
Phoenix, AZ 85023

2 thoughts on “Best Chicken Wings in Phoenix”

  1. What’s his favorite? We’ll have to try Them! How were those chicken Alfredo fries tho?! Those look like God created those Himself! 🙌🏾

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