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My Favorite Perfumes That Last All Day

My favorite perfumes that last all day are Marc Jacobs and Versace perfume.

I am not a huge perfume wearer, more of a body spray type of gal but you can barely resist when you walk into a department store and the choices are plentiful.  Let us not talk about all the samples you leave with if you peruse all the cosmetic counters.

I set out on a quest to try all the samples I gathered and find my favorite perfumes that last all day, because it is nice to smell nice. And when you dish out the money that a bottle of perfume costs, you certainly want it to last all day. Plus, when I spritz my absolute favorite, Marc Jacobs Daisy Love- Eau So Sweet, my husband cannot stop saying how amazing I smell.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love-Eau So Sweet

This is the thing with Marc Jacobs perfumes, they all smell the same to me, with each one having just a slight twist. 

My favorite, Marc Jacob Daisy Love-Eau So Sweet is sweet, subtle, pretty and pleasant. You can certainly wear it as an everyday perfume.

My next favorite perfume is Versace’s Bright Crystal. This is my, “we are going out perfume.”  It is also sweet, with a bit of “turn-up”, if you will. You are definitely “in the streets” being a grown-up when you wear this one.

Versace Bright Crystal

My next favorite perfume, and the newest to my and Marc Jacob’s Daisy Love perfume collection is, Marc Jacobs Daisy Love-Daze. 

I read many reviews before making this last additional purchase, because I had no sample and one reviewer expressed, Daze smells just like the others but different.

When I received the bottle in the mail and tested it, I knew exactly what the reviewer intended to convey. Daze, indeed, smells like all the rest, so sweet but with a slight musk or woodsy note. This is one you wear when you feel like wearing it, if you know what I mean.

Marc Jacobs Daisy-Eau So Fresh Daze

So, in the department stores a bottle of designer perfume will easily run you $100+, if you are aiming for the big bottles.

In my research, Amazon has the exact same perfumes bottles for 25-50% less.  Be sure to purchase directly from the designer as oppose to a seller to avoid knockoffs.

If you would like to check out my favorite perfumes on Amazon, click the following links:

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love-So Sweet:

Versace Bright Crystal:

March Jacobs Daisy-Eau So Fresh Daze isn’t available on Amazon just yet, but you can find it at or

Perfume Application Tip: If you apply a moisturizer, such as lotion, prior to spraying perfume you give the perfume something to attach to. It lets allows the perfume to last even longer.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Perfumes That Last All Day”

  1. Will have to check these out. I need some all day spray and not the last five minute sprays 😂😂

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