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Easy-Build Raised Garden Bed

There are many ways you can build garden raised beds, including just buying them.  They can get pricey, especially now, as more people are gardening because they are at home more.

This easy build raised garden bed consists of one trip to your local home improvement store and these 4 items.  I will list pricing at the end:

-Planter wall blocks

First step is to pick and measure your space.  This will help you in determining how long you need your 2×4’s and if you will need to make cuts at the store while you are there. Believe me, do not skip the measuring.  It will save you a trip.  Most local improvement stores will cut your wood for you, to your desired measurements, within reason.

My friend (Jazmine) and I did a collaboration and built a raised bed at her home and one at my home.  You can certainly build the raised bed by yourself, but with an additional person you will go faster and will have help lifting.  You will see two sizes for our respective spaces. 

Jazmine’s raised bed measures 2.5 feet by 8 feet.  My raised bed measures 4 feet by 8 feet.

Next, you will put your wall blocks in four corners.  You can stack the wall blocks to your desired height, we used a 2-block height, so 8 blocks total.

Slide the 2×4’s into place, add the soil, and plant the seed.  That is it. 

You will notice that Jazmine’s garden bed doesn’t have string across to create squares, and mine does. We are having fun with this thing, and learning our styles. I love that we are different in our approach.

Easy Build Raised Garden Bed with Square Foot Gardening Method

Jazmine likes to let the plants grow wild, and do what they do. I, on the other hand, want to control the plant as much as possible so I use the square foot method. This literally describes our personalities. I love that we have different methods, we compare what works and what does not work.

You can decide, as you go, how your personal gardening style will be. Check out the video below of one of Jazmine’s garden spaces. She’s already harvested a few times this year, and more are growing.

Jazmine’s Garden

I attended a class at Home Depot, some time ago and learned how to build this easy-build raised bed, and took a few photos at the demonstration. I want to also show you below how you can continually build onto your space by connecting 2×4’s up and along the sides.

Happy Gardening!

Project Pricing:

-Planter wall blocks ($3.38 each, we used 8)
-*2×4’s ($3.42 each, we used 6)
-Soil ($7.98 each bag, Jazmine used 4 bags. *I used 6 bags.)
-Seed (prices vary depending on what type of seed you choose, typically ($1.59-$6.00 per packet)

Project build time, from start to finish, one hour. Project cost, $79.48.

*(2×4’s measures by height and depth, the last number will be your length, so a 2×4 that is 8 feet long, is a 2x4x8)

*My raised bed incurred more cost, because of a space issue I had that required additional soil beyond 6 bags.

*All pricing is based on my local improvement store.  Prices will vary for your location.  Prices also do not include tax.

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Semi-Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree

Semi-Dwarf Lemon Tree (Meyer Variety)

We planted a lemon tree.  It is a semi-dwarf Meyer lemon tree.  It can grow up to 6ft, but no more than 8ft.  I planted it in a beautiful piece of pottery we purchased from the Plant Stand to contain its size.

I had been to the Plant Stand and walked around taking in all of what they have, and they have A LOT.  Real and artificial plants and trees.  Indoor and outdoor plants.  Small, medium and large pottery.  I took my husband back because he would like to grow new trees in the backyard, and I told him the Plant Stand may be his source.

The Plant Stand of Arizona
Falling Green 20″ Potter

I went online as well and browsed around.  I decided to go back to get a planter for my new lemon tree.  It was hard to decide because there are so many great choices, but I fell in love with this planter.  I paid $83 and they will cure the pot for 20% of the cost, which was about $16 for the protection against the continuous watering and ailments.

The Plant Stand has many selections of pottery fitting any style. Here is another snippet of what they have to offer indoors.

When I do anything, I research all there is to know about it, or at least I try.  My Google search, “what soil should a beginner gardener use for food gardening?”  This soil came up many times, on many lists so I decided on this one.  It was $7.47 per bag at Home Depot.  I purchased 2 bags, but I only needed one and little bit.

Miracle Grow-Cactus, Palm & Citrus Soil

I took my Meyer lemon tree out of the original container, along with its native soil and combined it with the Miracle Grow-Cactus, Palm and Citrus soil.  We purchased the lemon tree from Lowe’s Home Improvement store for $30.  Next, we watered the soil and placed the tree in the space  that will be its home for now.

Have you grown citrus before?  How many fruits does your tree produce yearly?


Location Visited:

The Plant Stand of Arizona
6420 S. 28th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85042